One of the most amazing gifts you may give yourself! Several available Bodywork techniques tailored to the most effective change for you and your body using a variety of massage techniques.  Our target is to get you the most expedient relief of your stressors.


With Jennifer's unique coaching style you are supported in knowing what it is you innately already know.  This guided coaching technique gives your laser fast results to self-empowerment!  You have to be willing to receive in order to have a different possibility in life.  But, if you are ready to come to the party, Jennifer will gladly join you in celebrating you!


Looking for a gentle way to restructure your mind and align with a greater version of you?  Hypnosis is a wonderful place to start!  Using guided imagery and restructuring of your neurons to change your way of thinking down to the core chemistry.

Next Steps...

We are really excited for the opportunity to introduce you to Transcendence Mind-Body-Spirit!

  1.  Print and bring your new client intake form to your first appointment.
  2. Read over the FAQ tab on this website to be clear on Transcendence Mind-Body-Spirit policies - we have lots of information there to answer most of your questions.
  3. Check out our Contact Us page for our address and a map if you are scheduling an appointment at our location.
  4. Click on the Book Now button to schedule today!
  5. Create a profile with Schedulicity (IMPORTANT:  This is where you can choose to receive text alerts in addition to emails to remind you of your appointment.  Transcendence does not phone you of upcoming appointments).
  6.  That's it!   See you soon!